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Prevent Termites

Termites love moisture and wood. Keep mulch, firewood, and other wooden structures away from your property and divert sprinkler and lawn irrigation systems away from your foundation.

Moisture attracts termites. Make sure that:
  1. Sprinklers and lawn irrigation are not directed at your foundation.
  2. Gutter and rain control systems divert water away from the home.
  3. Moisture is not penetrating your basement or crawlspace.

Treat Termites

While you can take these precautions, they are not a substitute for a professional Termite control system. Our exterminators understand the lifecycle and behaviors of termites and will know how to best search out and exterminate them. If damage or infestation is found, the exterminator will know the best procedure for removing the termites and protecting your home in the future.

Our exterminators will provide a free estimate for an inspection of your property. If you value the investment you have made in your home or property, protect it by having complete termite treatment inspection today.

(Drill-fill-seal base system)
  1. Drill at the Junctions of Floor & Wall.
  2. Drilling at 45 degree angle on door/window frames adjoining walls.
  3. Chemical coating on 100% wood work.
  4. Spraying on mud tubes to control the existing movements of termites.
100% wood work shall be covered and special care shall be taken in case furniture attached to the walls as termites can easly attack them.

Monitor for Termites

Winged termites, or swarmers, emerging from a stump are an obvious sign there is an infestation. Soft or spongy wood and noticeable mud tubes within the wood are further indicators that a stump and its roots harbor an advanced infestation. Once an infested stump has been removed, call our professionals on 8586949387 to thoroughly treat the soil around your home with proven termite treatments such as Premise, Bayers. This will ensure there are no remaining colonies lurking in an underground root system.
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